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Two Thousand Tens


Sara Kendrick comes on full-time as the Camp Registrar.


Long-time Owner/Executive Director, Freddie Hawkins passes away. He leaves behind his wife, Challie and three children: Carroll, Michael, and Cadi. His compassion, dedication and vibrant spirit lives on in the generations of campers and staff he inspired.


Beth Rumbo comes on to staff full-time as the Sierra Vista Director, working alongside Sarah McGhee for the first summer.


Michael Hawkins takes over as Rio Vista Director. The Lookout is built for summer camp staff. Justin marries Diane Abbott. Diane comes to work at Vista Camps.


Nathan Henry takes over as Rio Vista Director. Nathan is married to Ashley Hawkins (Justin's sister) and their whole family moves on camp.

2014, October 22

Carl Hawkins Owner/Executive Director passes away. Carl's life accomplishments were great, but none far greater than the family he created.

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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