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Safety & Our Philosophy

Why Summer Camp Is Important to Our Family

Diane and I want our children to know who they are, independent of mom and dad, kids at school, popular culture, or what’s trending on social media. We want our kids to discover their true identity.

Giving your child the opportunity to be in a safe environment away from home, with people you trust, is giving your child a chance to speak with their own voice, make decisions on their own, try new activities, and meet new people — without the built-in expectations that come when family and friends are at hand.

As a parent, it feels like a risk because no one can promise you everything will be perfect. Instead, it’s an opportunity to grow.

Parents choose Vista Camps because is it’s a safe place for growth to happen.

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How Is Camp Safe?

At Vista Camps we carefully screen every counselor and member of our staff. We run background checks, hold extensive interviews, and check references. We train every staff member — in specific skills related to activities and operations, in safety procedures, to deal with personal conflicts, to be encouragers, to know when to say “Yes!” as well as “No,” and so much more. We know the people we hire will have a tremendous impact on your child’s future.

We walk the property daily, making sure every aspect of our physical facilities is in good shape and ready for campers. We are inspected annually by the Texas Health & Human Services Department and members of the Camping Association for Mutual Progress association. Most importantly, we spend our year planning out the programs and activities that your child will participate in.

As a family-owned, multigenerational business, we care deeply about every element, and every moment, of your child’s camp experience. It’s this day-to-day care that provides the safety kids are able to take for granted, and that’s the way it should be.

Switching Off Is Integral to Our Mission

We live in an always-on world where we’re constantly being pinged by notifications, expected to respond to anything and everything within a few moments, and we’re tempted to feel like we’re not being a good person if we’re not on top of everything all the time.

At camp we switch off so we can enjoy the more meaningful connections that happen face to face. Why? We are trading the percieved safety that comes from being tethered to a device for the real benefits that come from living in community.

Our goal and philosophy at Vista Camps is to offer a safe, wholesome, fun-filled, learning experience to every boy and girl. We do this by hiring a mature, responsible, and dedicated staff who is genuinely interested in the well-being of each camper, by offering a well-rounded, exciting program that challenges and interests each camper, and by providing a safe and caring environment.

Camp isn’t a perfect place, but it’s a wonderful place. We have fun. We laugh and cry. We meet new people. We join tribes. We build community. We do daring things we wouldn’t do anywhere else. We fall down and get up again. We take care of each other.

Give your child the opportunity to experience the free, independent, fun life you enjoyed when you were their age. Let your kid be a kid, and let us be the role models for a little while.

We’ll do our best to live up to your high expectations!

— Justin Hawkins

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The Next Step

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