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The Nineteen Seventies


The Stacy's sell camp to a group of former campers and counselors. Jack McBride is the Executive Director and Jack Price is the Program Director.


The executive staff includes Jack McBride, Gretchen Stacy, Jack Price, Tom Sexauer, Leona Price, Roger Staubach, William Yeoman, and Charlie Milstead. The board of directors consists of E.C. Broun Jr., C.W. Duncan JR, John Duncan, Jack McBride, Charles Milstead, C.W. Moody Jr, Gary Phillips, Browne Rice, Jr, James Shindler, Gretchen Stacy, Jack Trotter, and William Yeoman.


Bill Doherty purchases camp and Dick Perhamus becomes the Executive Director.


Carl and Diane Hawkins purchase camp. Carl becomes the Executive Director and Dick Perhamus remains the Program Director.


Johnnie and Freddie Hawkins start working at Rio Vista. Johnny Hawkins marries Kathy Mitchell. The flood happens during the summer of '79.

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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