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Life in the Cabin

Cabins Make Camp Friendships

For most children, the cabin is their first time to live in close proximity with their peers. Cabin life provides lots of learning opportunities, and our trained counselors are there to help your son or daughter make the most of them. One day your child will be praised for setting a good example picking up after themself. The next day they might have to sit down and work through a disagreement, or perhaps they will be cheering on someone else as they compete for their tribe. Whatever the circumstance, whether they know it or not, your child will be growing in their relationships and their ability to be a good friend.

Cabin counselors understand that they are role models and they take their job seriously.

It’s up to them to set the right example. Counselors live with, play with, and work side-by-side with the campers. Kids naturally look up to them, which is a humbling experience, and that dynamic pushes our counselors to pour themselves out in service to the kids. Cabin life can be the most important aspect of the summer camp experience.

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Comfortable Summer Homes

Vista’s all-natural stone cabins are built for comfort, beauty, cleanliness, and permanence. Each spacious cabin is designed to capture the cool Hill Country breezes. All cabins have electricity, comfortable beds and plenty of space for the campers and their belongings.

All of the girls’ cabins, and the youngest boys’ cabins, have connected bath facilities. Boys’ cabins house up to 8 campers and 2 counselors. Girls’ cabins house up to 6 campers and 2 counselors in the youngest division and up to 19 campers and 5 counselors in the older groups.

Cabin Placement

Kids are placed in cabins according to age and grade in school. Campers spend cabin-time together before and after meals, in the evenings, and during nightly programs. Campers learn to depend on, help, encourage, cheer for, and support, their cabin-mates. The shared experiences of cabin life, like morning clean-up, overnight camp-outs, and talent shows — these are the things campers end up talking about for the rest of their lives. Friendships from camp are unique and special!

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