The Best Texas Summer Camp for Kids!

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The Best Texas Summer Camp for Kids!

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Welcome to Camp Rio Vista for Boys and Camp Sierra Vista for Girls in the Texas Hill Country, between Hunt and Ingram. We are two separate summer camps with one purpose — to provide a safe, wholesome, fun-filled learning experience to every boy and girl, ages 6 to 16.

Vista Camps is the oldest summer camp in the Southwest. Campers from around the world have called Vista Camps “home” since 1921.

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Family Weekends
& Open House

Experience camp first-hand! Stay for the weekend, or for the afternoon. It’s your choice!

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My kids work hard all year at school, keeping up with assignments, taking tests, managing all the school and social pressures it takes to do well in school. By the end of the school year they are on empty. Camp is their much beloved time to "fill themselves back up", a chance to relax and enjoy their (all too short) time of just being a kid while still giving them a chance to grow. My kids are more independent, accepting, connected and happy when they come back from their time at Vista Camps. It's the best feeling in the world to see your kids fill themselves back up with everything summer camp has to offer.

Austin, TX
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Hang out with us

Meet new people, and do fun stuff you’ll never do at home.

Make choices for yourself. Join a tribe! Try new things! Find out what you really love! Discover how much fun life can be!

Meet Our Campers
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Calling all Campers! Learn more about what it means to have the summer of a lifetime!

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Get your questions answered, learn more about what makes us special, and get ready for camp!

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Thirsty for Adventure? See what it takes to be a member of our Team!


Moms & Dads

Every day we make decisions that impact our children. Do you want your children to develop self-reliance and independence? The best way for children to grow in these areas is to give them the opportunity to experience those things firsthand. Allowing your child to experience life without the distractions of technology, social media, and video games is the first step towards discovering who they really are.

What do you want for your child?

  • A quiet summer basking in the cozy blue light of a screen sounds good to me. (Not!)
  • I want to enrich my child’s life with new friends and new opportunities.

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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