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2020 Dates & Prices

Countdown To Camp

You can register for a half term or whole (based on age); read more about this option below.

Term Dates Ages Price
First Term June 7 - June 19 6 - 16 $2,900
Term 1A June 7 - June 13 6 - 12 $1,800
Term 1B June 13 - June 19 6 - 12 $,1800
Second Term June 21 - July 3 6 - 16 $2,900
Term 2A June 21 - June 27 6 - 12 $1,800
Term 2B June 27 - July 3 6 - 12 $1,800
Third Term July 7 - Aug 1 7 - 16 $4,900
Term 3A July 7 - July 19 6 - 16 $2,900
Term 3B July 19 - Aug 1 6 - 16 $2,900
All-Inclusive Summer Camp

Find out what’s included in our camp prices. You can’t beat the Vista value!

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International Campers

International families, read these important policies before you register.

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Term Discount Options

We offer a Sibling Discount and Referral Program so you can save!

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Half Term or Whole?

Some children aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit to two weeks away from home, especially if it is their first year. Campers ages 6-12 have the option of signing up for the 1st half of a term (the A term), and then choosing if they want to stay for the second half (the B term). Nine times out of ten, kids are having so much fun they want to stay on for the 2nd half.

We encourage at least a two week term for any camper over the age of 10, as they will get the FULL camp experience, but we do understand that each child is different and may need to start with a shorter term to “get their feet wet.”

We will support you in whatever term you choose. If you have any questions about choosing the right term, please give us a call.

Deposit & Final Payment

A $300 deposit must accompany your child’s application in order to guarantee their registration. The deposit is included in the prices listed above. We will hold a space for up to 7 days pending receipt of the deposit. 90% of your deposit, less “Earlibird” gifts received, will be refunded if cancellation is made in writing by March 1 of the year applied for. Cancellations after this date will be given a one-year complimentary roll-over, if desired. There will be no refunds after March 1.

Final payment is due by April 1, or within 2 weeks of registration. If you need an extension, please let Diane know at or 830-367-5353.