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Do you remember when your backyard held adventure? With trees that were never too tall to climb, or a night too dark for laying on a carpet of grass searching the heavens for shooting stars?

As children we just knew it was the simple things that gave us joy. At Vista Camps the flow of the Guadalupe River replaces the flow of city traffic, and a blanket of stars replaces city lights. The sounds of crackling campfires and children’s laughter somehow has the power to make us want to experience this simplicity again.

Now… Are you thirsty for adventure? Are you looking for a chance to build relationships and make remarkable memories? Are you ready to lead a group experience?

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Vista Camps is seeking a select group of college-age men and women who are looking to make a positive impact in a child’s life. We want counselors who are high energy, creative people who love children and will provide excellent instruction and leadership. If you are ready for an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job this summer, and you want to help kids venture out and experience new adventures, look no further than Vista Camps.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. We will contact you to schedule an interview.
  3. Ask three people to fill out the Counselor Reference Form through CampMinder.

Contact us directly if you have questions. Give us a call at 830-367-5353 or email us.

  • Beth Rumbo, Girls Camp Director
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CIT Program

Here at Rio Vista and Sierra Vista, we pride ourselves on our emphasis on tradition and the enthusiasm of our campers and staff. One of the best manners in which to preserve these vital qualities of our camps is accomplished by recruiting our former campers to work as staff members. We feel that just as much can be gained from the camp experience on the staffing side of things as the camper side. In order to help our former campers maneuver this transition with the greatest amount of ease and success, we offer a 2-week CIT program to those 17 year olds who are interested in making every camper’s experience an unforgettable one.

The members of the CIT program must meet certain requirements and expectations.

  • Those who wish to participate in the CIT program must be 17 years of age.
  • Applicants are expected to complete a staff application, provide references, be interviewed by the directors, and complete Child Abuse Prevention training. Attendance at Counselor Orientation is strongly encouraged.
  • Members of the program must be former campers of either Camp Rio Vista or Camp Sierra Vista.
  • CITs will be assigned to, and expected to shadow a senior staff member designated by the camp directors.
  • Members of the CIT program will live in cabins with previously mentioned senior staff members. CITs will also be assigned to activities according to the needs of the camp.
  • CITs will be expected to abide by all rules and requirements of senior staff.

With these rules and expectations, we aim to create a positive experience for CITs as they make the transition from campers to counselor. If you are interested in the CIT program and/or have any further questions, please contact Beth Rumbo for more information.

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