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What Parents Say

For me, Vista Camps provides an unparalleled opportunity for kids to grow more independent, confident, and expand their horizons by making new friends and trying new activities. I was a camper in the 1980’s and very little has changed because it works so well!

Brett R.
Former camper & camp parent
Houston, TX

Being a camper and a counselor at Camp Sierra Vista was the most formative part of my childhood. It allowed me to grow from a shy young kid into a confident young woman because of the critical social skills and life skills that I was exposed to while at camp. I can't thank Camp Sierra Vista enough for the affect they had on my life. I'm a better mother, wife, employee, Girl Scout leader and friend because of summer camp. There is nothing that could replace those critical experiences in my life.

Susan M.
Former camper & camp parent
San Diego, CA

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed going away to Camp Rio Vista for the past eight years. He has learned leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork and he has grown as a more confident young man each summer he attends camp.

Claudia M.
Camp parent
Austin, TX

My daughter who is 12 has said almost everyday since last year, she cannot wait to go back to camp! Her self-esteem was very low and she needed to learn some independence and she got both of those from camp. She came back a stronger, self-believing kid and for that I am forever grateful!

Carol W.
Camp parent
Kerrville, TX

Rio Vista offered a unique, meaningful camp environment where our son got a healthy 2 week break from the daily, regimented hustle-and-bustle activities during the school year, as well as from constant ‘passive entertainment’ (such as games on electronic devices and TV), luxurious comforts and the protective layer of the home front.

Surrounded by peers and guided by superb counselors and staff, our son was truly enriched by being totally connected to nature while he participated in ample outdoor activities, was motivated to be creative and encouraged to act as a helpful and respectful team member. Our son truly felt appreciated and gained self-confidence, independence and leadership skills.

As a first time Rio Vista camper parent, I could not have been more pleased with our son’s wonderful experience, he instantly took the initiative upon himself to register as an EarliBird for the upcoming summer!

Griet S.
Camp parent
Canyon Lake, TX

My daughter will return this summer for her 4th year at Camp Sierra Vista - her experience there, started as a shy 9 year old. Now she looks forward to camp with eager excitement and has found a level of confidence and charisma because of Vista Camps. It has been invaluable.

Jay B.
Camp parent
Garland, TX

Camp is a time when my sons get to be independent and gain a deeper sense of self-confidence. They are unplugged from the normal busy schedule and able to get closer to God through nature and good old-fashioned fun. The boys come home better versions of themselves after having been at camp!

Mary E.
Camp parent
Hunt, TX

We are so thankful for Camp Rio Vista! It is our son's happy place! He gets to enjoy being outdoors all day every day! As much as we miss him while he is gone, it is comforting to know he is so thrilled to be there!

Stacie C.
Camp parent
Houston, TX

Rio Vista has been a home away from home for my son for 8 years. The Rio Vista family and counselors have been a second family that we can trust that have taught him valuable life lessons. Most importantly, confidence to be open to new experiences, leadership to support others and understanding the importance of working together.

The first year he was nervous, but after the first week he called and asked to stay another, ever since then he counts the days until the next term.

I believe every kid should get to go to camp and Rio Vista is an amazing family to be a part of!

Courtney K.
Camp parent
Austin, TX

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