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Check out all the fun we have at Camp!

Every day is full of new opportunities and new adventures.

Meet some of the boys & girls of Camp.

Hello, I’m Lila

  • Age: 10
  • Favorite Camp Trend: Dancing/Singing The Git Up anywhere and everywhere!
  • Favorite Camp Memory: “Just hanging out with funny, awesome camp BFFS and counselors!”
  • What I’ve Learned at Vista: “Being screen-free can be a good thing & camp friends are forever friends!”
  • Hobbies: Running triathlons, chatting with her friends, and earning badges with her Girl Scout troop.
  • Favorite Food: Bacon, Mrs. Becky’s cinnamon rolls, and Five Guys burgers.
  • Favorite Tribe Competition: Afghanistan Bananastand.
  • Years at Camp: “3 going on 4!”

Camp has transformed my life. When you step foot on the grounds, everyone is so happy, welcoming, and kind. On your first night you are officially placed in a tribe. Your tribe becomes your family. Being in the same tribe that my mom was in when she was a kid is so cool. I feel like I am connected to all of the past Kiowas. My brother is a Sioux, like my grandfather and uncle. We are third generation campers. That’s how much our family loves Vista Camps. I feel like I am carrying on a legacy. Every camper leaves a mark somewhere, from the Vista sign to the art shed to their bunk. I have formed so many great relationships in just weeks because living, swimming, and having fun with people does miracles for friendships. I can’t express how much I love camp and my camp friends in adequate words. PLEASE send your girl to SV! It’s the best place ever.


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What’s Your Thing?

Into waterskiing? Ever been canoeing? How about horseback riding, archery, riflery, or fencing? Have you ever been on a ropes course? Want to learn how to play a ukulele?

Maybe you just like having a great time with friends and want to be accepted for who you are.

Summer at Camp Sierra Vista for Girls and Rio Vista for Boys is so much fun!

Hey, I’m Jack

  • Age: 9
  • Favorite Thing About Camp: Hanging out with my friends. It’s so FUN. I really like playing cards, hanging out in the cabin and doing all the activities with them.
  • Favorite Camp Memory: “Cabin night when we went banana-boating. The best was when Charlie did a flip off of it, it was sick!”
  • What I’ve Learned at Camp Rio Vista: “How to shoot a gun in riflery.”
  • Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, golf, & playing cards.
  • Favorite Camp Food: Miss Becky’s cinnamon rolls.
  • Favorite Tribe Competition: Nuke ’Em.
  • Years at Camp: “Two, this summer will be my third.”

Chill at Camp. Make new amigos. Do fun stuff.

At Vista you get to choose your activities. You’ll meet people just like you, and not like you, from all over the world.

Life at camp is low stress (no homework!) because social pressure is not cool — be yourself! This summer we invite you to hang out and discover a whole new kind of fun!

Hi there, I’m Kennedy

  • Years at camp: 5
  • Hobbies include: basketball, volleyball, softball, reading.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream.
  • Favorite activities: Swimming and tribe comps.
  • Favorite tribe competition: Gold Rush!
  • Favorite camp trend: Making friendship bracelets. Favorite camp Memory: “Closing campfire my first summer was really special.”
  • What you’ve learned: “At Sierra Vista, I have learned if you work as a team, you can accomplish anything.”
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Live in a Cabin.

Yup. You’ll get to live in a real stone cabin. The Hill Country breeze will wake you up in the morning and cool you off at night. Your cabin will have electricity, a comfy bed, and lots of new friends.

You’ll be living with kids your age plus 2 or more counselors (who are really college students in disguise). It’s a lot like a mega-sleepover.

Howdy, my name’s Reese!

  • Age: 11
  • Favorite Camp Food: Chicken wings.
  • What Would You Tell Your Best Friend About Camp? “That it is a great place to go over the summer. We have the best time! The counselors and campers are really, really nice.”
  • What is Your Favorite Thing About Camp? “The tribe competitions because of the teamwork we build.”
  • Favorite Camp Memory: Winning Superthon.
  • What Have You’ve Learned at Rio Vista: “Camp friendships are special even if you only see them once a year!”
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Fried chicken & fajitas

Camp wouldn’t be as fun if the food wasn’t great.

We bake our own bread (it’s delicious!), make lots of yummy desserts, have a salad bar, breakfast bar, plus your favorites like hamburgers, spaghetti, fresh fruit, granola, and ice cream!

Hi, I’m Greyson!

  • Age: 16
  • What is Your Favorite Thing About Camp? “Rio Vista has everything a kid could ask for and more — tons of fun activities, delicious food, great people and homey cabins! Most of my best memories are at camp, I will always have lifelong friends that I met at Rio Vista.”
  • Favorite Camp Memory: “My last year, the Elephant year, I was voted Most Outstanding Camper by the entire Rio Vista Staff and the whole camp sang a goodbye song to me and all of my other lifelong friends at the last dance of the year.”
  • What You’ve Learned at Rio Vista: “Everything you put into camp comes out of camp. Try new things and help others.”
  • Hobbies: Soccer, football, fishing, hunting, and hanging out with friends.
  • Favorite Tribe Competition: War Canoe.
  • Years at Camp: 8

You be you!

Feel more confident as you learn new things. Prove to yourself that you can overcome obstacles on your own. Learn to be a better friend. Be happier without devices, social media, or any of the other stuff people turn to.

Tell your parents about Vista Camps. Ask if you can take a tour and get a free gift!

Don’t miss out! If you’re not here, your summer will be boring. You’ll do the same old things, and you’ll start the next school year as the same old you.

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

Celebrate with us