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If you have any trouble finding the information you need on our website, please call us at 830-367-5353 and we will be happy to help you!

We know choosing a camp and sending your child off for a week or more is a huge decision. We want to make the process as easy for you as we can. The following links will give you much of the information you need to make your decision and get ready for camp.

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A Word From the Director


Technology has changed parenting, and we’re all grappling with things that our moms and dads didn’t have to contend with. How do we help our kids branch out, and why are so many of us struggling through the process?

Thanks to technology, many of our children’s “experiences” have moved from the physical world to the virtual. Kids play video games for hours at a time, and have entire “conversations” with snaps, likes, and emoji. A child can “live” a lot of life from the couch, but we all know that won’t prepare them for adulthood. It’s time to unplug.

We’ve all read the statistics about technology and kids, but we’ve also gotten used to knowing where our kids are, and what they’re doing just about every minute of the day. Can you imagine going a whole week without texting your child, using an app to see see where they are, or checking up on their screen time? (If this isn’t you now, just wait a year or two!)

Technology can be a great baby-sitter, but it can’t replace the simple joys of running across an open field, making something with your hands, swimming in a river, or dancing under the stars.

Giving your child the gift of summer camp might seem like a risk, but it’s really just the same as what our parents did — it’s letting go a little, but not too much.

— Justin Hawkins

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