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Meet the Directors

Justin and Diane Hawkins

Justin, Owner/Director
Diane, Registrar/Store Manager

Hey there! I’m Justin Hawkins and I’ve been the Director/Owner here at Vista Camps since 2004. I’ve had the privilege of living at camp my entire life, with the exception of being in Lubbock, TX while attending college… Wreck’Em Tech!!! While there I earned my degree in Business Management and always knew I’d end up back here at camp — my favorite place on Earth!

Being here all my life, I am the guy involved in all aspects of camp. From the business side, to the dining hall, to handing out ice cream at snack, I am here making sure we have the best program for all the boys and girls we are blessed to know each and every summer.

My wife Diane and I get to work together. She’s our Camp Registrar and Store Manager while also overseeing the Infirmary. She’s the BEST hugger around! Diane is happiest when she’s helping others and having heart to heart conversations.

We have three beautiful children, Taylor, Hayes, and Ruth, along with our two dogs, Rio (he’s famous), and Sugar, and our cat June Bug Jones (she rules the roost). Taylor lives for camp and when she’s not in the cabin you can find her at the stables helping with horseback. Hayes is the sweetheart of our house and loves to give hugs just like his momma. Ruth is our youngest but, definitely the wild child of the bunch, and Hayes’ shadow — where he goes, she goes.

Being a third-generation camp owner I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand what camp does for kids and it’s amazing to watch how lives are changed and friendships are made here at camp.

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John and Kathy Hawkins


John wears many hats at camp, taking care of the grounds and keeping it beautiful is his true love. His expertise is evident in our beautiful, well maintained facilities and in the dining hall where delicious, nutritious, hot meals are served six times a day.

He is active with the stock show association, and currently serves on the Kerr County Emergency Services Board for District #1. He also served on the Ingram School Board for many years and as president of C.A.M.P. (Camping Association for Mutual Progress). Kathy is a University of Texas-Austin graduate and a registered nurse who has many years of experience as a youth camper. She has worked in the camp office and the infirmary and recently retired from the hospital in Kerrville. They have three children who have all worked at camp. Their oldest son, Justin, now works at camp full-time.

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Beth Rumbo

Camp Sierra Vista Program Director

Hi! My name is Beth Rumbo and I am incredibly blessed to be the Program Director for Sierra Vista for girls. I believe in the power of camp and the community of compassion it creates. I consider my job a calling to support the next generation of women. At camp, girls can flourish. They discover what makes them unique, they build character and they are fully known and loved for who they are.

Originally from a large family in Michigan, I received a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Psychology from Central Michigan University. After college, I moved to Texas and met my husband Justin working at a camp for kid’s with learning differences. I started my career in the mental health field and worked as a Recreational Therapist at a local hospital.

I made the career shift back to camping in 2012 when we moved to Vista Camps. We have two wonderfully kind daughters, Makenna, and Lily. Makenna is our sweet social butterfly. She greets everyone with a hug and has a heart filled with compassion. Lily is our spunky ray of sunshine who enjoys telling jokes, laughing as much as possible and friendly competition. For fun, I enjoy basketball, hiking, running, volunteering for our local schools, and coaching youth volleyball and basketball.

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Nate Henry

Camp Rio Vista Program Director

Hello! I’m Nate Henry and I have been the Program Director at Camp Rio Vista since 2014. My wife Ashley grew up at Vista Camps and I grew up just a few miles down the road. After living in Tucson, Houston, and Austin, Ashley and I moved back home to raise our family. We are blessed with two incredible children, Blake and Caroline, and our dog Ollie. Blake spends most of his time at camp hanging out with all of his camp buddies, while Caroline can be found encouraging others and seeing to it that people are where they need to be.

Ashley and I are both graduates of Texas Tech University and I attended graduate school at The University of Arizona in Tucson receiving a Master of Science in Soil and Water Science. Prior to joining camp, I spent almost seven years working in the environmental consulting field in Houston and Austin.

Camp has been a tremendous blessing to our family. I really love seeing campers return year after year and the bonds formed here at camp. I am also extremely passionate about working with the young men that make camp run every summer. I strive my hardest to put the absolute best staff together every year — a group of passionate, high energy, positive role models. I want every camper to have the best experience possible. My other passions include golf, running, bowhunting, occasionally painting or drawing, and anything else in the great outdoors. I hope to see you this summer!

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Sara Kendrick

Camper, Staff, & Alumni Relations

Hello there! I’m Sara Kendrick, or “Carter” as most alumni know me. I’m a 2nd generation camper here at Vista Camps. I dreamed of working at camp since I was 8 years old in Hawks Hilton, sharing the dream of everyone else who ever crossed over the LWC. After making my way from Hawks to Mountain View, I taught horseback and JFF for 3 summers and loved every minute of it. It might have helped that my co-counselor and the love of my life, Sean, was waiting for me at the Vista Stables. Who ever said summer romances don’t last? Sean and I have been blissfully married for almost 20 years and have three spunky and adorable kids to show for it.

I am currently the Social Media Guru and head up the Alumni department. It’s hard to call it work when you’re pinning on Pinterest and planning get-togethers with your old camp friends, but somebody has to do it!

I’ve been in the Vista Bubble since the early 1990s, and my favorite thing is watching the younger generations grow up with the same traditions, the same magical memories, and the same life-long friendship-making that I enjoyed as a girl. It’s pure bliss, really.

If you’d like to set up a coffee-date with friends to share your love of Vista, get together with camp alum, or any other reason for a social event, let me know. I’m always up for travel and can talk “camp” with the best of them.