Vista Camps is an all-inclusive camp, with the only mandatory added expense being the camp uniform (worn on Sundays to Chapel, Vespers, Picture day, Special Ceremonies, and closing day). You may choose to set up a store account for your child, but that is optional.

Extras that are included in your tuition at Vista Camps are:

  • Weekly laundry service
  • A hardcover Vista Camps Yearbook
  • Cabin picture and individual portraits
  • Access to camper pictures online
  • Daily snack
  • All meals and lodging
  • All activity supplies (no charge for bullets in riflery or arts and crafts supplies, etc.)

Cost Per Day

If you’re comparing camps and looking for the best value, calculate the cost per day. Some camps offer “2 week terms” that are only 10 days long. This makes a big difference in the cost per day!

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