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A Thoughtful Program

We Teach Independence

Boys and girls learn important life lessons, including being more self-sufficient and independent, through their Vista Camps experience. There’s a genuine sense of accomplishment that comes from choosing your own activities, picking the food that goes on your plate, and representing your tribe in a competition. Simple things become big things when you do them all on your own.

Give your child the opportunity to experience life independently. Let them succeed, and fail, as they make choices and accept new responsibilities on their own. Our role models — cabin counselors — will be with them every step of the way.

As a first-time overnight camper, I was a little nervous, but my friends and the staff made me immediately feel very welcome. I loved having a break from all the electronics and loved being active outdoors and surrounded by nature. I liked Camp Rio Vista so much that I registered again for this summer!

Canyon Lake, TX

What We Believe

Rio Vista and Sierra Vista are non-denominational camps based on Christian values. Children from all faiths are welcomed into our Vista family each summer. All campers and counselors attend our inspirational, non-denominational service held each Sunday in our beautiful outdoor chapel. The services are based on values and moral teachings acceptable to all faiths.

We also offer a Catholic Mass for those campers and counselors that wish to attend.

Tribes and Traditions

Traditions are important to the programs at Rio and Sierra Vista. They lend stability to camp and create lasting memories that can be shared through the generations. Since many of the traditions and tribe ceremonies have not changed much since camp began in the 20’s, children and grandchildren are able to share the same experiences that their parents and grandparents did when they came to camp.

Upon arrival at camp each camper is initiated into their tribe. Campers remain a part of that tribe for the rest of their summers at camp. Throughout the summer the tribes compete against each other in competitions such as Highland Games, Sing-Yell, Gold Rush, Superthon, and War Canoe. A running score is kept so that a final winner can be declared on closing day.

Our philosophy is that through friendly, supervised tribe competitions, campers learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and self confidence. Campers develop pride in their accomplishments, as well as for their tribe and the camp.

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Evenings at Vista

Something different happens each night at camp. After dinner, Rio Vista and Sierra Vista campers enjoy overnight camp-outs, cabin nights, tribe competitions, Counselor Hunt, and other special events. About once a week the camps join together for a Dance, Carnival, Picnic, Talent Show or another program.

Meals and Snacks

Well-balanced meals of the highest quality are prepared daily by our experienced kitchen staff. All meals are served “family style” in our spacious dining hall.

Food is plentiful and tasty, with favorites like spaghetti, fajitas, fried chicken, and of course, home-made breads and desserts. Our breakfast and salad bars are a huge hit! A daily snack (fruit, ice cream, granola bar, etc.) is also provided to everyone immediately after their afternoon rest period.

Some special diets can be accommodated with advance notice.

Health & Safety

Every camper’s health and safety is of the utmost concern at Vista Camps. Our camp nurses are on duty at all times and a well-equipped infirmary is easily accessible when needed. The camp physician is nearby, subject to call day and night, and the hospital is only minutes away.

We are inspected and licensed by the Texas Department of Health annually. We take pride in our excellent safety record.

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Meticulous, Because We Care

When you arrive at camp you’ll see all of the painstaking care that goes into our facilities. They are beautiful, down to the last detail, but don’t choose Vista because of our facilities. Choose us because we care about every aspect of your child’s experience. Our facilities are simply a representation of how much we care.

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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