Camp Rio Vista Counselor of the Year

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Landon Widner is Camp Rio Vista Counselor of the Year for 2022!

He is an awesome mentor for your kids so keep on reading to find out why!

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Landon Widner just finished his 14th year at camp! You heard that right. He started coming to camp at the age of 6 and has been here every year since then. He spent 10 years as a camper and 4 years as a counselor. As a camper, he was recognized for many leadership roles like white arrow, flaming arrow, and he was a ten-year camper. As a staff member, he has been a counselor, waterfront director, tribe sponsor and age division leader. He has got the summer camp stats that are comparable to a GOAT like Michael Jordan or even Tony the Tiger. But numbers and titles are not the reason why Landon was picked as our counselor the year. It was his heart and his dedication to our camp mission.

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Vista Camps mission is simple— to provide a safe, wholesome, fun-filled learning experience to every boy and girl, ages 6 to 16. Landon woke up every morning to give 110% of those three outcomes. His motivation is driven by his time spent as a camper. He recalls missing home as a first-year camper. He said that he overcame it because of an awesome counselor and the friends he made in his cabin. He cherishes the memories and strives to recreate that for every camper. Whether it is a synchronized swimming class or cabin night with the cavalier division, every moment counts for Landon.

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Thank you, Landon and congratulations on being the Counselor of the Year!

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