Thankful for Camp Parties!

Summer Camp Road Trip!!!

The Camp Directors team has had a blast visiting everyone in their home towns this month!

The road trip started in Midland!

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After the 432, we headed to Dallas for some parties in Frisco and University Park. During the road trip, we passed out the camp yearbooks to everyone. It was so much fun reliving each moment of the summer.

Pizza and games

Our next pit stop was Houston. We enjoyed some delicious pizza from Luigi’s Pizzeria in Midtown. It was a great night to enjoy friends and playing outside.

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Camp Videos!

Austin was next on the map. We had two great parties where we watched our videos of the summer. If you want to check them out go to our youtube channel

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Our final pit stops were San Antonio and New Braunfels! It was a blast to see everyone come together for a special event! For anyone that did not !join us, we are mailing the yearbooks out during the first week of December. Perfect timing for the holiday season!

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100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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