Dear first time Rio Vista Camper!

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Dear Incoming Rio Vista Camper,

So, it’s your first time at camp…

You may be coming through the gates a little nervous or who knows, maybe you are ecstatic to be here. Either way, we are excited to have you. When you arrive at camp, you’ll be greeted by all the amazing staff ready to help you with your luggage and get you all settled in your cabin. Your cabin is your home for your time here. You will either be on Mountain Side with cabins like the Fort, Price’s Palace, and Stacy’s Casa, which all have an extraordinary view of Tribe Hill and our Vista Camps’ signs, Or you could be on Riverside staying in cabins such as Davey Crockett and Sitting Bull, which have an outstanding view of the beautiful and crisp waters of the Guadalupe River.

Now, that you’re all settled in, said your “see ya laters” to your parents, and have met your cabin mates…it is time for the real fun to begin. We’ll show you the lay of the land, help you pick the activities you will enjoy or that you might want to learn how to do, and we will celebrate you as you are inducted into your tribe - your tribe for life and your new family. It all can seem overwhelming but give it a chance…you won’t regret it. There is so much to do here, a little something for everyone, from archery and riflery to free swim and river rope swinging to animal care, drama, arts & crafts, and virtually any sport imaginable. And those are just your daily activities.

The night activities and tribe competitions are just as fun, if not more. You will either be competing in competitions for your tribe, in activities such as counselor hunt, Superthon, and Sing-Yell. Or, you will be participating in events such as the dance, the carnival, cabin nights, and movie nights. So as you can see, there is no time to be bored here. But another cool thing about camp is the traditions. From being a part of a tribe to our camp songs, chants, and cheers to being inducted into the prestigious yet selective camp honors society known as the Flaming Arrows to chapel and all the many other traditions you will come to learn and love while you are here.

However, the one thing that stands out the most about camp here is the amazing friendships you will forge and the memories you will make. The people you go to camp with can and often will be your friends for life. Vista Camps offers a brotherhood that is unrivaled.

So, don’t be nervous. Jump right in. We are here to help you every step of the way. If you get homesick, talk to one of your new camp friends and let them help you through it. Or, write a letter home using our Camp Post. But, don’t give up hope! You will soon find out that camp will be your home away from home. Welcome to Vista Camps! We look forward to seeing you soon and we cannot wait to meet you.


Christian Mann

Rio Vista Counselor

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