Summer 2021 Camp Review Newsletter

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Exciting news….

It’s that time of year again! The Vista Camps yearbooks are being mailed to every 2021 camper! This yearbook celebrates the 100th year of Camp Rio Vista. It is a beautiful book that will be cherished for many years. Thank you, Beth Rumbo, for the plethora of hours you dedicated to creating it!

It is no coincidence that this time of year is when we send out our Vista Camps yearbook. While you are celebrating the holiday season, it is fun to look at the yearbook! We are so thankful for the memories we make at camp. There are some memories that are unique to camps, like being blobbed for the first time…Not many places have a giant inflated airbag that launches a person into the air! Some memories are of learning new skills like archery or rock climbing. Hitting a bullseye or reaching the top of the rock wall is such a rewarding feeling! And of course, memories with friends. Building friendships is why we love camp so much! Whether the memory happened during a cabin hangout time or an activity period… friendships at camp, new and old, last a lifetime!

As you look through the yearbook, we hope that all the pages of memories ignite joy and happiness for you! Lastly, we wanted to add a digital copy of this year’s Summer Review Newsletter.

Happy Holidays from your summer camp family!


The Hawkins, Rumbos and Groves Families

100 Years of Singing the Git Up

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