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2023 SV & RV Counselors of the Year!

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It is our pleasure to announce the exceptional Counselors of the Year who have truly shone in their summer roles. They created unforgettable experiences for campers and have left a lasting impact on Vista Camps! Please join us in celebrating our COY’s of 2023; Sierra Vista - Katherine Townsend and Rio Vista - Callum Renfrey.

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Katherine Townsend is an exceptional counselor at Sierra Vista. She embodies kindness, compassion, and all the qualities of a great role model. Her journey at the camp, starting as a camper and then becoming a Division Leader, is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the camp’s mission.

During her time as a camper, Katherine exhibited qualities of being intentional, sweet, and leading by example. She was always willing to assist younger campers, showing her caring and helpful nature. This early display of leadership and kindness set her on a path to becoming an outstanding counselor.

Her five years on staff further highlights her dedication to Sierra Vista and its community. Katherine’s leadership style is marked by compassion and grace, which has endeared her to both campers and fellow staff members. Being chosen as the Sierra Vista counselor of the year is a well-deserved recognition of her positive impact and outstanding contributions since 2012.

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This summer, Callum’s contribution to Rio Vista was nothing short of remarkable. With his prior Vista experience, he shouldered the responsibilities of Division Leader and Waterfront Director, showcasing his dedication and adaptability.

He embarked on his summer journey by overseeing our oldest boys in the Cavalier division and quickly built strong connections with both campers and fellow counselors. In the second term, he seamlessly transitioned to our Frontier division. By 3rd term, he was leading our youngest campers, the Pioneers in the Fort. At each stage, Callum made sure that communication between Directors and Counselors was clear and effective, fostering a tight bond within the team!

Throughout the summer, Callum consistently demonstrated a solution oriented approach and contributed fantastic ideas to enhance the camp program. However, it was during the 3rd term that his exceptional leadership really showed. As the DL of the Fort, Callum transformed it into a well-oiled machine, where counselors worked tightly together, creating a supportive atmosphere where our campers thrived. His dedication, versatility, and commitment to creating an unforgettable camp experience made a lasting impact on Camp Rio Vista this summer!

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