Dream Come True

Growth has always been the dream at Sierra Vista. Over the past 40 years, Camp Sierra Vista Has grown from a humble six original campers to 107 campers per week with a waitlist. Our dream has always been to grow our size to mirror Camp Rio Vista and accommodate those girls who end up on the waitlist each year. If you ask us, the more the merrier! Our campers, staff, and alumni can tell you just how special their time at Camp Sierra Vista is. Camp is life-changing! We are so blessed to offer camp to more girls this upcoming summer with a brand-new cabin!

We are currently considering names for the new cabin which is situated just across from Hawks Hilton. This new cabin will accommodate 16 campers and 4 staff members and mirrors most cabins in Sierra Vista. To be eligible to participate in the naming contest you must be a Sierra Vista camper, alumni, or staff member. The winner will win some awesome Vista swag and bragging rights, of course. Be a part of VISTORY!

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