Counselor of the Year for Camp Rio Vista

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Max Huber is the 2021 Camp Rio Vista Counselor of the Year. He went above and beyond what was expected of him to make the camper experience one of a kind! Max has been a counselor for eight years and before that, he was a camper for four years. As a camper, he was awarded Honor Camper in 2011. Max has two sisters, Rowan, and Andrea, that were campers at Camp Sierra Vista as well. All three of them are now wonderful counselors!

When we interview a potential counselor, we often ask, who was their favorite counselor when they were a camper? Max Huber is always on that list and there are so many good stories that follow. Max has an amazing heart, and he is incredibly accepting towards every person, regardless of their hobbies and personalities. His respectful demeanor toward everyone is a big part of why he was chosen by the directors as the Counselor of the Year.

For summer 2021, Max showed a consistent joyful attitude. Every single moment he spent in front of campers was filled with immeasurable playful energy. One of the highlights from this summer was his elaborate SEALS missions for the Elephants. These missions are designed for our oldest campers to work together to solve a complex problem. Max made each mission fun by creating scenarios that involved critical thinking and teamwork. Another highlight is when Max and a group of counselors acted out a medieval feast in the dining hall. Nothing beats dinner theater! There were jesters, knights, royal advisors and even a wizard! Max was the King of course. His royal attire was a graduation gown, fake beard, wooden sword, and a bubble gum bucket for his crown. The impromptu feast ended with Max being poisoned by a mysterious person. Although we never found out who the mysterious person was, the memory of the royal feast will live on forever as a hilarious spectacle for our campers. There are several highlights from this summer that could be listed here, such as the Brave Heart reenactment for the Highland games, but the point is…. Max’s energy made camp amazing!

Max is in the beginning stages of enlisting in the military. So, it would seem, Max’s time here at Rio Vista is coming to an end. However, as we say at our closing campfire, Camp Rio Vista is a camper’s (and counselor’s) home away from home. We hope to see Max again in any way possible! His twelve years at Camp Rio Vista make an unforgettable tenure. Max wrote in his Counselor of the Year essay, “It comforts me to know that my final year as a counselor was spent surrounded by the same energy I received my first year at camp”.

Max’s legacy shows that a counselor is remembered because of their heart, kindness, and acceptance. The energy he gave to Rio Vista this summer is something that will leave a positive impact for many years to come. Thank you, Max for continuing the camp spirit and congratulations for receiving the Counselor of the Year!

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