2020 Perspective

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Despite our circumstances, Summer 2020 left us stronger and extremely grateful. We cannot tell you how many kids told us, “This summer was the best year at camp!” We must admit, prior to camp opening we struggled to adapt quickly to all the changes set before us. Our full-time staff spent countless hours working and worrying about our campers and staff. We considered how our campers, staff and parents would respond to doing camp differently in 2020. Their response was inspiring.

Our amazing summer staff rallied and gave up their entire summer to be quarantined here at camp. We asked our staff to do things they have never had to do before. We gave staff and campers new rules and responsibilities. We largely re-wrote programming and activities to keep camp healthy. We asked parents to trust us with their most beloved during a pandemic! We depended on each other more than we have ever had to, and the result was a group of campers, staff and parents coming together and supporting each other.

A positive perspective and the right attitude can vastly change the outcome of a situation. Summer 2020 was proof of that. It allowed us so many opportunities that we were unaware of. It shifted our thinking about opening day, awards, activities, cabin time and programming. It allowed us the opportunity to be creative and to do things just a bit differently, while still sticking to the culture and spirit that has remained a constant for nearly 100 years.

We often talk about being your best self while at camp and growing your character. We can tell you, on more than one occasion this summer, our staff have brought us to tears (in a good way). We witnessed them finding creative solutions, rising to responsibility, and fostering deeper connections with their campers and co-counselors. We are incredibly proud of the effort they put forth and as a camp we are so grateful we had the opportunity to be with each other this summer.

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