Counselor of the Year


I absolutely loved being a counselor this past summer at Sierra Vista. I have found irreplaceable relationships with fellow counselors as well as the chance to mentor and pour love into campers who have taught me lessons of patience, kindness, acceptance, and trust. Prior to my experience at Vista, I did not know that a job could be this fulfilling. I did not know a job could teach me so many lessons about myself and about life all while having a blast. Camp has taught me to live in the moment, to act young and to be goofy while I can. At camp, I feel comfortable and at peace even with my unfixed hair and clothes that may not always match. This summer I was pushed out of my comfort zone more than I even believed was possible. I have established an ability to lead with a confidence I did not know existed inside of me because of camp. I have been thrown into situations that would usually stress me out or make me uncomfortable; yet, I has the time of my life doing each of those things. Camp helped teach me how to be open, honest, and vulnerable. At camp, I feel free to unapologetically be myself and know that I will be loved and cherished for each of my quirks. I believe that camp has helped push me towards reaching my full potential and for that I am grateful.

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