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COVID-19 Updates

June 11th, 2020

Please find the Summer 2020 Opening and Closing Day procedure printouts here. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces!

Opening Day Drop-off

Closing Day Pick-up

First Term

Opening Day Closing Day
Sunday, June 28th Friday, July 10th
Completed K-5th Grade - dropoff @ 9:00am Completed K-5th Grade - pickup @ 9:30 am
Completed 6th-10th Grade - dropoff @ 10:30 am Completed 6th-10th Grade - pickup @ 10:30 am

Second Term

Opening Day Closing Day
Sunday, July 12th Friday, July 24th
Completed K-5th Grade - dropoff @ 9:00am Completed K-5th Grade - pickup @ 9:30 am
Completed 6th-10th Grade - dropoff @ 10:30 am Completed 6th-10th Grade - pickup @ 10:30 am

Third Term

Opening Day Closing Day
Sunday, July 26th Friday, August 7th
Completed K-5th Grade - dropoff @ 9:00am Completed K-5th Grade - pickup @ 9:30 am
Completed 6th-10th Grade - dropoff @ 10:30 am Completed 6th-10th Grade - pickup @ 10:30 am

June 5th, 2020

COVID-19 Waiver

Health Screening Form

Dear Vista Family,

Opening Day is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! We feel very blessed to have camp again this summer. The thought of this place being empty over the summer was beyond upsetting to say the least. The overwhelming majority of our camp families have been so supportive and still plan to attend camp this summer. Thank you so much for your patience and your continued support! After much prayer, continued communication with our local camp community, and the guidance provided by the CDC and governor’s office, we feel that we can run our program in a safe and fun manner this summer. As always, the health and safety of our campers and our staff is our top priority. Based on the health protocols recommended by the Governor’s office, we are implementing some changes in order to minimize risk at camp. We intend for the programs of Rio Vista & Sierra Vista to remain true to the one your camper loves and has come to expect, filled with fun, friends and tradition. Some of the changes this summer will include:

Pre-Camp Quarantine

To reduce exposure to Covid-19, we ask that every camper complete a 14-day self-quarantine OR a 7-day quarantine along with a negative COVID-19 test (these results must be brought with you and completed within 72 hours of arrival). This means limiting your exposure to non-family members and avoiding public spaces and social gatherings. We also ask that you log your camper’s temperature for the seven days prior to camp (you will do this on the Health Screening Form that is attached). Campers must be fever free for seven days prior to arrival. Please note that you must bring the attached Health Screening Form and the COVID-19 Waiver with you to camp. Campers without both forms will NOT be allowed into camp.

Opening Day

We will be doing staggered drop-off times so that we are able to do temperature checks, health screenings, and lice checks. Drop-off times will be as follows: (If you have siblings in different drop-off times, you may come to the time that works best for your family.) 9 A.M. – Completed grade K – 5th

10:30 A.M. – Completed grade 6th – 10th

Drop-off will be done in a drive-thru fashion. While we unload your child’s belongings, this will be your time for hugs and goodbyes. Our counselors will get them unpacked and settled in their cabin (no parents allowed in cabins).

Closing Day

Drive thru pickup just like opening day. We will load your camper’s things in your car. No closing day ceremonies - all awards and war canoe races will be livestreamed prior to closing day. Pick-up times will be as follows: (If you have siblings in different drop-off times, you may come to the time that works best for your family.) 9:30 A.M. – Completed grade K – 5th

10:30 A.M. – Completed grade 6th – 10th

Smaller Groups

Per the Governor’s office health protocols, we will operate daily activities within our division groups. Campers will be able to choose their own activity schedule but will now participate in those daily activities with campers ONLY from their age group/division, except where not possible, such as specialized activities including horseback and War Canoe for our two oldest divisions. During our evening programs, we will remain with our group to the extent possible. Activity sign-up will be limited somewhat this summer to account for the need of having to offer activities by age group/division rather than camp wide classes. However, we still plan to offer all our most popular offerings including: JFF, Horseback, Swim, Canoe/Kayak, Riflery, Archery, Sports, Fishing, Arts & Crafts, Animal Care and many more. Off-site trips will be cancelled for this summer as well as Water Ski Class. Other program changes will include no co-ed activities or evening programs. This means the Dance and Carnival have been cancelled.

Dining Hall Procedures

Campers will eat all meals in their cabin groups. In-order to maximize space during mealtimes, we plan to double our dining hall space with the addition of a large outdoor event tent to accommodate half of each camp during all mealtimes. All meals will be served buffet style, with no self-serve options and all meals will be served with disposable utensils, cups, and plates.

In the event a camper tests positive for COVID-19, the camper’s parents or guardian will need to pick up the camper within 8 hours. If a staff member tests positive, they will leave camp immediately. In both instances we will notify parents/guardians of those possibly exposed.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, so that you can make the most informed decision when it comes to sending your child to camp. Ultimately, the choice for your child to attend summer camp is a personal one. If you are uncomfortable with the risks of COVID-19 in a summer camp setting, having to travel to camp, or having your child interact with our staff and other campers, we have several options available to you, including a full refund or moving your child’s tuition to Summer 2021. We love each and every one of you and can’t wait to see you all soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please respond to this e-mail or call us at (830) 367-5353.

With Love, The Hawkins Family

Camp Update!

May 20, 2020

Thank you all so much for your support and patience while we navigate the waters of what camp will look like this summer. As you know the governor has given camps the green light to operate this summer and we couldn’t be more excited!!! We have adjusted our dates this summer as to not cancel any terms.

UPDATED 2020 Term Dates:

First Term

June 28 – July 10

Second Term

July 12 – 24

Third Term

July 26 – Aug 7

With each term now being two weeks all tuition has been adjusted to $2900 due by June 1st.

We know these dates may not work for everyone. You do have the option of switching to another term as space allows. With the term date change, if your child is registered for Term 3A or 3B, those campers have been put into 3rd Term (July 26 – Aug. 7). If those dates do not work and you need to switch, please let us know. We understand that for some, none of these dates will work and you will need to cancel. The option to rollover balances to next year is still available as is requesting a refund.

Our greatest desire is for campers to experience the magic that is camp. For us to be able to do that this summer there will be some things that look different. As we adhere to the guidelines from the governor as well as state and local health officials, there will be some action steps in place. Below is a list of things to consider as you decide to send your child to camp this summer.

Opening Day:

*Drop-off will be done in a drive up fashion. We ask that parents remain in the car as we unload your child’s things from your car and deliver them to their cabin. There our counselors will help them get unpacked and settled.

*Health screenings, including temperature checks will be administered.

*Please limit all non-essential camp items as this well help in keeping cabins clean as well as make cabin sanitation easier.

*Parents will not be allowed in cabins

*All camp buses will be cancelled

*NO airport pickups

*We will be doing staggered drop-off times by cabin. (Times and more information will follow)

Precautions While at Camp:

*Daily temperature checks and health screenings will be done each morning for all campers and staff.

*Hand sanitizers will be at each activity.

*Sanitization of activity equipment after each use.

*Bathroom cleanings 3 x per day.

*Deep Cleaning of entire camp in between each term.

*NO packages allowed, campers can receive letters and emails. All packages will be returned.

Closing Day:

*Drive thru pickup just like opening day. We will load your campers things in your car.

*No closing day ceremonies - all awards and war canoe races will be livestreamed prior to closing day.

Prior to camp you will receive a Health Screening Form. We are asking for campers temperatures to be checked and logged for the 7 days prior to coming to camp. Most importantly we ask that your child undergo a 14 day self-quarantine for the two weeks leading up to camp. Limiting their exposure to non-family members and avoiding public spaces and gatherings. We also ask that they quarantine for 14 days after arriving home from camp. The healthy and safety of our campers and staff are our top priority, and these protocols have been put in place to reflect just that. We will keep you all updated as things change.

We know some of these things are different from the last 99 years at camp . . . but so many of the things will still be the same. The excitement, fun, friendships . . . the MAGIC!!!

We are here to talk through any questions or concerns you may have. Our offices will be open Monday – Friday from 8a.m. – 3p.m. (830) 367-5353

With love, The Hawkins Family

Concerning the Coronavirus

May 8, 2020

We hope you all are doing well! First off, we would like to say how grateful we are for all of your support! Heart-warming phone calls from our campers, encouraging emails and text messages from our parents assuring us that your families are still anxiously awaiting and looking forward to camp has given us so much inspiration during these trying times.

Our number one priority is to keep our campers and staff healthy so that we can all enjoy another amazing summer in the Vista Bubble. We are currently working hard to plan for a summer of fun. We are also actively monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic to adjust our health and safety protocols and programs as needed.

When will camp open?

We continue to await guidance from state and federal agencies. However, we feel it is important to notify our camp families so that you can make preparations and plans for this coming summer. After much prayer, consultation and consideration, we have decided it is best to push back our start date by approximately 3 weeks. This decision hasn’t come easy, but we feel it is the responsible thing to do.

Our hope and plan is to delay First Term and Second Term approximately three weeks with a shortened Third Term following that. We are hoping to have these exact dates to you ASAP, pending the guidance and directives of the CDC and the governor’s office.

In addition, in order to minimize outside exposure, we are looking to potentially cancel all of our 1-week terms. We are saddened to do this, but feel it is the most prudent thing to do for the safety and well being of our campers and camp families. We are hopeful that your camper can move into a two-week term where availability exists. Please call us to discuss how we can assist with this move as we want every one of our campers to have the opportunity to be at camp this summer.

If you have any questions or concerns about your son or daughter attending camp this summer, please don’t hesitate to call us at (830) 367-5353 so we can talk it through together.

We continue to pray for the opportunity to have camp this summer. We absolutely believe that kids need camp this summer more than ever for their entire well-being. We can’t wait to see the Vista Bubble filled once again with our sweet campers, our amazing staff and all of their smiling faces………

Stay safe and God Bless,

The Vista Camps Team

Coronavirus Refund Policy:

In the event of any cancellations this summer, you will have the following options:

  • Option 1: We would ask you to consider rolling forward any tuition paid to Summer 2021. If you choose this option, we would guarantee your place in the session of your choice for 2021. As a small, seasonal, family-owned business, choosing this option would help ensure that your campers get to enjoy Vista Camps for many summers to come.
  • Option 2: Roll some portion of tuition paid forward to 2021 and receive the balance as a monetary refund.
  • Option 3: We will honor any request for a full monetary refund.

Coronavirus Announcements:

  • There will be NO bus transportation this summer to or from the San Antonio Airport or Houston. Families will be instructed as to the requirements and time for drop off by a family member or designee. All bus fare will be credited to your account.
  • We will not have the usual Closing Day Ceremony on the last day of each term. We will instead use our rainy-day pick up policy and have a drive thru pick up. More information will follow regarding the change in procedure for Opening Day drop-offs.
  • Tuition deadline has been moved to June 1st.

We will continue to provide updates as we get them!